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At Search My New Job, our mission is to help arm you with the resources you need to succeed in your career. We outfit and connect you with career and education content, features, and tools so that you can find new and better job opportunities, learn useful tips and ideas for how to improve at your current job or how to move up the career ladder, and gain the skills training and education you need to advance your career.

Who We Are

Our team is located all throughout the nation. Between all of us we have over 400 years of work experience. Basically, we know what it feels like to want to take a step or two up the career ladder, to need a change of pace and a new challenge, or to realize we need more training or education to be able to get into our desired career path. Fortunately, we also know how glorious it feels to have the right skills and education, a perfected resume, knowledge of stellar interview skills, and to combine those as you apply for the perfect job. It’s not magic. It simply requires planning and the right tools. Whatever your career goals are, we want to help.

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